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Choosing a Gas Station Software – Top Features to Look For

May 30, 2021 1:08 pm

It is not easy to manage a petrol pump. You have to take care of various aspects, such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Cash/Bank Inflow/Outflow, Salaries and a lot other financial transactions which can precisely be said as Maintaining Accounts. With a petrol pump management software or gas station supervision program, all of this can be managed quite seamlessly. It can be pretty challenging to pick the best management software from varied options. Here are some of the top features that should be looked for, while choosing one.

Proper Sales Management

Make sure that the software that you opt for helps you in implementing faster and simpler methods of preparing statements for payments received in different modes, such as credit card, digital payments, etc., maintaining credit memos, sales registers and bill generation should be hassle free. When you get a petrol pump management software program with all these important functions, you can ensure that your gas station work will speed up and you can employ new sales strategies and boost sales.

Integrated Accounting and Billing

Accounting and Billing are regarded as integral functions in any petrol pump. With an advanced software, you can ensure that this is easily dealt with. A petrol pump management software application that lets your staff manage accounts well and keep a proper record on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. With a software program powered by a state of the art computing system, you can easily generate receipts and bills, work with non-cash and bank options with full cooperation. This specific feature helps reduce workload a lot and also the chances of committing errors in billing figures as the reports are generated automatically once entry is completed.

Full Inventory Control

The best programs of this type can give you full control over the inventory. A lot of precision and details are needed for the management of diesel, petrol and other commodities. Even the smallest variations in inventory count can lead to loss of profits for companies. The best petrol pump software programs, for countering this problem, have a dedicated module – which can aide in proper inventory record management.

Other features

Also look for other useful features, such as Audit trail reports, SMS facility, Tax- related Reports, Loyalty Schemes, Cheque printing, Denomination entry, Payroll, Asset Management, etc.

When you find a petrol pump management software application that comes with all these useful features, immediately opt for it.

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