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Things You Should Know about the Best Petrol Pump Software SOFTGUN

August 18, 2021 1:28 pm

If you are planning to start a petrol pump station or already you have that, then SOFTGUN is all that you need. The amazing features of the product make it the best assistance for all petrol pump owners, that is easy to use and affordable too. Who can deny that managing the accounts manually is not time taking and troublesome work? While there is a long queue of customers, it is a headache for all salesman in the fuel stations to manage both billing and fuel counter. SOFTGUN comes with a set of amazing features that can manage credits and other data accurately within less time.

With 20+ years of experience, Pagaria Computers is offering the multiutility petrol pump management software that can be used by all fuel station owners. As it is an affordable and user-friendly solution, huge number of pumps in highways, rural and urban localities are using the software.

SOFTGUN is offering all the advantages that a petrol pump needs for better development. In this blog post, a few vital features of the software will be shared, so let’s introduce the software and its features—

Under the guidance of Founder and Director Mr.Sanjay Pagaria, and with the input of hundreds of pump owners, Pagaria Computers has built this extremely useful and feature rich multi utility petrol pump management software. It is affordable and easy to use and includes features, such as :

  • WhatsApp of bills to customers
  • WhatsApp of shift report to owner
  • Direct SMS facility to customers
  • Touch screen accessibility
  • Integration of GST & VAT
  • Payroll management
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Inventory

For great support and service for your business, SOFTGUN is the ultimate option. In India, most States & UTs are enjoying the amazing benefits of the petrol pump software. Here are some of the impressive benefits that SOFTGUN offers :

  • The pump owner can have a dashboard that displays the overall data of the business, like- sales, outstanding, top customers, and top-selling products.
  • The latest version of the software gives you audit trail reports. Through this feature, any modification and deletion of memos are captured and the owner can review the change and enquire accordingly.
  • It has a shift-wise data locking system through which you can lock the entry or editing post shift completion.

To conclude it can be said that SOFTGUN is the best solution to manage your petrol pump business. It will make your job easy. To know more about the software, Contact Pagaria Computers now!

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