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Alluring Features of the Best Petrol Pump Management Software

June 20, 2021 6:29 am

For petrol pump owners, having precise bills and managing inventory is a tedious task. So, they take the help of petrol pump management software. Distinct features of this software help in streamlining various functions at the pumps of which credit sales management, billing and inventory management are some of the crucial ones.


  • Monitoring Fuel Theft

This is the greatest benefit of petrol pump software. Fraud and fuel theft is quite prevalent in this industry and this software ensures that correct amount of fuel is filled in vehicles by salesman. It helps to track fuel sales as per meter and as reported by DSMs.

  • Accuracy in Accounting and Billing

Invoicing and billing are amongst the critical tasks that workforce in a petrol pump performs. Now, in these tasks, there is chance of miscalculations and errors. Hence, they should be checked without human intervention and Petrol Pump Accounting Software works efficiently in this regard.

  • Managing Inventory

All petrol pumps do not have automatic inventory management system and hence, they face severe loss at the time of unloading. Without proper record of stocks during unloading of tanker, it is not possible to have accurate reading during receiving. In this context, Petrol Pump Management Software comes to great help. It monitors fuel stock and gives perfect tabling of data. In addition, the software also generates different kinds of reports like ledger maintenance and stock summaries. Our software can also produce daily, monthly and periodic stock reports.

  • Managing Credit Sales

Credit sales form an integral element of operations in a petrol pump and so, it is essential to have some system for managing these sales. SOFTGUN effectively manages sales operations, inventories and accounts. With the help of this application, petrol pump owners can track their sales by regularly checking updated sales reports. Numerous things in sales management need to be taken care of in a petrol pump and this management software can handle all effectively.

  • Managing Profit & Loss

The petrol pump management software helps in managing expenses. We can also put in head wise budgets and periodically keep a check on it. It accurately shows the Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Report for any period. This helps the pump owner to regularly keep a track of it.

Thus, Petrol Pump Software helps to streamline all processes and obtains higher production. From accounting operations to managing inventory, this software can handle all kinds of tasks with great efficiency and accuracy.

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