Petrol Pump Software Price

Choose the perfect plan

At Pagaria Computers, we believe in catering to everyone’s need. Hence, SOFTGUN has different versions as per individual petrol pump needs and size of business. 

Single Version

software is the premium version of SOFTGUN with all the advanced features and reports. Installed in a single system, either Desktop or laptop and compatible with all Windows versions.

LAN Version

software can be connected through LAN networking and the software can be used at different points at the pump simultaneously. Favorable for those who have multiple users, like at counter for billing, at back office for accountant, at main office for owner, etc.

VC+ Billing software

with SMS facility meets the most basic need of every Petrol Pump. Counter setup with fast billing, printing and sending SMS to the Vehicle Owner makes the data management of Credit business done with ease.

ECO Version

is a lighter full version for smaller pumps like KSK or with lower sales, who do not need too many options.

View Only Version

software is basically for those who need to monitor day to day activities with no dependence on staff. Simply in 2 steps multiple benefits can be availed, secured data backup, staff efficiency, reports at a glance and catching any data manipulation.
Please email us or fill up the Contact form so that we can show you a detailed online interactive demo and guide you for the right version as per your requirements.