We are using this software since Jan 2018, and it is one of the most useful and easy to use software which we had found in the market. We are completely satisfied with the service and support from Pagaria Computers. I highly recommend this to all the petrol pump dealers.

We were searching for a pump management software and after going through a lot of software demos we finally picked SOFTGUN. It is full of features which are helping us in stock inventory, accounting and also in sales. Through vehicle wise database we can now analyze and create schemes through SMS, email to attract more customers. I receive timely udpates and support. Highly recommend and 5 stars for its after sales service. We thank SOFTGUN team for creating a wonderful software for us and we surely recommend SOFTGUN for all Petrol Pumps.

We are very happy to install SOFTGUN petrol pump management software. It gives a shift wise report after every shift which is very important for an owner to find discrepancies in cash and to know each item’s stock. It is also helping us in getting faster payments. With a single click the respective outstanding of each customer is sent vide SMS resulting in quicker receipts. Overall we would say that SOFTGUN is very useful in running a pump and we recommend it to all.

My RO has been using SOFTGUN successfully for last 8 years with upgradation from time to time. I have found the same very effective and useful for upto date maintenance of the records including the Petrol pump debtors, quantities, meter reading etc. They also have a version which can export data to Tally accounting package. With this, the duplication of entering daily records into accounting package is avoided. I am highly recommending this Package, in case you have still not switched over to computer record keeping or incase you wish to switch over to a new package.

We have been using SOFTGUN since 2012 and are extremely happy & satisfied with both software & its support. We have fully computerized our system and counter billing is being done in SOFTGUN in 7 computers. The best part is their great after Sales-Support which often other computers tend to overlook. We highly recommend all Petrol Pump Dealers to install SOFTGUN and get benefited from using it.

We are very thankful to you for providing all appropriate options in SOFTGUN Software. It may not be out of place to mention that in last 20 years of our relationship, you had been always very supportive to modify or upgrade your software as per changing scenario of our trade. We look forward to have mutual beneficial relationship in future too. Best regards!

Best accounting Software for petrol pumps, handle multiple customers by allowing to hold current invoice. It is economical and one of the most helpful software having good customer support. It has also an easiest process and has nice interface through which anybody can easily learn. It’s a complete solution from Purchase planning to Balance Sheet. It easily install on a single computer or multiple terminals. It’s fast, reliable and easy to maintain.

We hereby confirm that Pagaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. Calcutta has installed “SOFTGUN” at Auto Care Centre, Niti Marg. The feedback to the above program is excellent & we are satisfied by this.

We have been using SOFTGUN for many years. It is user friendly and so easy to operate that our supervisors having no knowledge of computers have been using it successfully. It can be easily run on a network so that I keep track of entries and data on my computers whereas the input is given at the other computer on the network by the other personnel at our RO. Service response is really fast and 90% of solutions are provided over phone only. The software has been tweaked for our specific requirements and the same has been extremely successful. Preparation of annual accounts and audit by our CA has become really easy after adaptation of this software. Soft copy of bills and ledgers etc are being sent to those of our customers, who desire the same. SMS confirmation of transactions to the customers have helped them in keeping track of fuel consumption of their vehicles. We have recommended to many RO dealers in Jamshedpur and all of them are happy with the same.

I feel a petrol pump business is incomplete without SOFTGUN. If we want to boost up our business with planning, no doubt SOFTGUN provides us the customer data for our future and current business requirements. SOFTGUN is easy to operate for billing with real time SMS delivery system which gives complete satisfaction to our customers and it can be operated by our semi-literate sales man with full confidence. I also recommend SOFTGUN for quick after sales support with customization facility.

SOFTGUN has a tankers shortage history, so we are able to get hold of the tanker and get it checked properly when decanting fuel, it has saved us money. Not much of accounting knowledge is required to operate SOFTGUN We are also planning to install SOFTGUN in our other group pumps.

We have been using it since more than 10 years ! Not much of accounting knowledge is required to operate SOFTGUN. By using this software, We were able to stop cash & stock manipulation, and have total control on Salesman Collections. Kudos to SOFTGUN Team !

After using SOFTGUN at the counter our sales have increased due to quick billing and sms facilities. We are now saving a lot of time due to instant density calculation option and tank dip stock calculation option in SOFTGUN We directly email soft copy of bills & ledger to our customers, thus saving time & courier cost incurred on hard copies.

SOFTGUN is a software which has 99% reports for managing a Petrol Pump, I definitely recommend it ! The training given by SOFTGUN executives was so effective that even my counter people are operating the software without any difficulty. Sales officers inspection report gets ready in minutes, We are also able to keep a self check.

SOFTGUN is very easy to use. After sales support is very quick and efficient, whenever problems arise they are solved immediately. We have been using it since many years. I must say it’s nice to deal with a company that has such fast & friendly support. Due to SOFTGUN’s multi utility options we don’t need to use separate software for accounting and pump management, it is integrated. We forward the P/L, Balance Sheet, Ledger, Trial Balance & other financial reports from SOFTGUN to our Chartered Accountant. It helps him in auditing & it saves time too.

It is user friendly. Most important is any body can use it if he has little interest in computer.

I want to say that from SOFTGUN, a Dealer can get whatever he wants in case of Accounting Reports, Stock Reports, Credit Reports, Attendance & Salary sheet and other basic things required for a petrol pump. I am using this software since 2016. Accounting & Stock is proper and gives correct analysis. We can check density. We can send the ledger balance of credit customers via sms and it also has a P/L report as per daily rate change. There are so many detailed reports in this software, and I don’t think that there is any software which is better than this. Thank you.

I am Satish Patel, dealer of BPCL. Since last year I am using SOFTGUN software, earlier I was using Tally, I was facing issues in doing accounts but after using SOFTGUN my work has become very easy and now me and my manager can finalise the accounts. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes daily to work in software. I think SOFTGUN software is best for accounting with many features and is also very user friendly. I also suggest my fellow dealers to use it. Thanks.

Hello, I am Amritendu Mishra, ICA CIA CERTIFIED – SAP FICO – O LEVEL – FA. I am connected with Asha Service Station and many other petrol pumps for their accounting needs and SOFTGUN software is the best software from which I can know how much is the credit sale, cash sale, expenditure, bank deposit, end of the day how much is cash in hand, everything comes here step by step systematically. We can check rate wise stock, purchase, sale, GP very conveniently. So I am recommending SOFTGUN to all.

I am Bhanu Jogi. We are using SOFTGUN since 2012, and from this we are doing all pump accounts & billing. We call their support for upcoming needs in petrol pump and get fast support, there is no negligence. I also recommended and got this software installed at Junction Fuel Station and Mayarath Fuel Station. So I, from my side and on behalf of my friends want to thank Pagaria Computers & further we are sure to continue getting this type of service. Thank You!

Dear SOFTGUN Team, Thanks for making this wonderful software, and your support is also appreciated.

I’m Riya Neogy from GARDEN REACH AUTOMOBILE SERVICE. We are using this software since last 3 years. As per my opinion this is one of the best petrol pump management software, in one word, it’s a All-in-one software which fulfills our need. Back Office staff are very good and very helpful. They update our software as per our requirements. Highly Recommended.

I, Ajinkya M. Khatal, am writing this to inform that I am satisfied with the software you created for us, it is so helpful for managing our data. We are using this software since 2017 and it is working effeciently. Thank you and all the best for your company’s further growth.

We installed SOFTGUN in our 20 group pumps within 1 month, after going through all the software demos available across India. Since long, we are using it very successfully in all the pumps and getting all necessary reports for management. We are happy that we took the right decision and recommend it to all pumps.

I am dealer of Indian Oil Corporation M/s Megha Fuels Dist.Balasore Odisha State. Inception of my Petrol pump Since 2000, Unfortunately, I had not used SOFTGUN software for accounting and faced income Tax scrutiny during the period of 2004 & 2005. On year 2006 onwards I started using SOFTGUN software for my petrol pump accounting management and since then I have been filing IT Return based on accounting of SOFTGUN software. It’s a friendly accounting Software for petrol pumps.

To compete in the business market scenario of Petrol Pump this SOFTGUN Software is very useful for management and to maintain the books of accounts. This software is also useful for day to day upgrading in changes of TDS,TCS,VAT,GST, along with OMC’S inspection report. Now in upgrading of SOFTGUN version V20 we are availing the facility like Bulk SMS to the debtors outstanding bills, emailing invoices, both tax and fuel bill to the customer, per memo sms, daily sales transaction report to pump owner, DSR, negative stock report, daily wise meter reading and stock variation, Bank stock statement, fixed assets deprecation calculation, GSTR 1 B2B return, card sales tally with Bank statement, reminder with due date renewal of DU stamping, pump explosive , HSD selling license etc.

You all agree that there are a lot of Petrol pump software available in our country but out of 36 States & UT of India, Pagaria computers dominates over 31+ states & UTs and successfully launched /installed SOFTGUN Software across the country. This is because of the team of Pagaria Computers effort and their customer friendly activities and the strong + best service support to resolve the issue of their customer through remote or with one phone call only.

As a Secretary of District petroleum Dealers Association, Balasore and also State Joint Secretary of Odisha I believe this SOFTGUN software is very useful in maintaining and managing a petrol pump. I delightfully recommend it to our dealer friends. SOFTGUN Software and support service of Pagaria Computers is a best way of solution for maintaining books of accounts and management of a petrol pump.

This is to inform that I Masidul Mullick of M/S M.H.FILLING CENTRE HOWRAH SALES AREA have been using SOFTGUN software successfully since last 4 years+. I have found the same very effective and useful for up-to-date maintenance of the records including petrol pump debtors, quantities, meter reading etc.

I have been using your software since last ten years. It is very easy to handle & can control the entire petrol pump accounting system very easily. Regards: Md Zulfikar Ali Mullick

We have been using the SOFTGUN Software since about last 12 years. We are doing a very good job of stock maintenance, book keeping and accounts with it. In my opinion it is the best software. Regards : Ashit Ranjan Paul (Partner)

I have been using this software for the last five years. With this software your total business can be managed and all the account balances are available and the customer can be informed via SMS. I like the SOFTGUN software very much for business use.

I, Nitesh Raghuvanshi, from Bhopal, MP , am very happy to write a review for softgun and recommend every petrol pump from all locations to use softgun for their accounting needs.

I have been using softgun since 2012 in not only one but 3 of my outlets. All reports related to pump operations are present in the software which makes our work very easy and fast for us.

Their support team needs to be mentioned for always ready to help attitude. In fact our pump managers of all the outlets are also very happy and satisfied with using the software.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks and regards

We have been using SOFTGUN since 2010 and are extremely happy & satisfied with the software & its support.
We have fully computerized our system and counter billing is also being done. It gives shift wise report after every shift which is very important for an owner to find discrepancies in cash and to know each item’s stock. We thank SOFTGUN team for creating this wonderful software for us and we surely recommend SOFTGUN to all Petrol Pumps.

I am Barun Kumar Beed, owner of Taniya Fuel Point. I am using SOFTGUN software, in which the Accounts, Tds, Tcs, Income Tax return and other work can be done within a small span of time and can be viewed and easily understood. Recommend all to use this software. With the use of SOFTGUN software, pump accounts are clear and we are being able to tally our cash book paise to paise!

We are happy to certify that SOFTGUN is an excellent software for Petrol Pumps. It helps to fully manage the pump, control theft and also increase sales. Many pumps in and around Visakhapatnam are using the same since many years. We receommend it for each pump, as now it is very important to keep a track of expenses, and also to keep a check on varation and cash flow.

We have using the SOFTGUN software since past 7 years. We would like to certify that the software has been working perfectly alright. In case of any issues, it was addressed and fixed immediately by the support team at Pagaria Computers. Their online support team has been exceptional in all kinds of assistance and support. They make sure to keep the sofware up to date with the industry standard and also to make it more user-friendly. Every year there is a new update/modification to the software which makes it easier for the user to use the software.

I receive timely updates and support. Highly recommend and 5 stars for its after sales service.